Left Brain


I’ve lived and worked in California and Japan, but the 2010’s find me based in London. At various times, I’ve been a security guard, child-wrangler, archivist and document shredder.

More recently I’ve done a fair amount of work in QuarkXPress and InDesign, along with the Illustrator and Photoshop stuff needed to back that up.

These days, though, I’m doing a lot of work on a content management system to organize a database of print material, and to smooth out the editing and revision process. (Which is only barely more glamorous than it sounds.)

But it means I’ve also got experience working with Contensis and Tridion, and in plotting how to get material from a writer’s brain, through a multi-step editorial review, and finally to print and internet distribution.

If you want to talk work stuff, you probably ought to try me via linkedin.