I love potato snacks. But this…

Yeah, I love potato snacks. Particularly potato crisps. Yeah, as an American, those thin, crispy ones will always be potato chips to me. But I’m trying to deal with a local issue here. The McCoys Potato Crisp, to be specific.

Now, I love a ridged, wavy or crinkle-cut chip. There’s just something about the change in texture and thickness that really changes the entire snacking experience. And given that McCoy’s can generally be had in 50g bags, as opposed to the industry normal 32-40g sizes, they’re normally my lunch supplement of choice. They may not be a premium line, like your kettle crisps or what have you, but they’re pretty good snack value.

Recently, though, they’ve been running a promotion to win a TV. It seems that McCoy’s advertise themselves as “Man Crisps”, and on the back of the bag it says:

Are you fucking kidding me? These snacks are trying to call you out.“Are you man enough to settle the score?”
“When it comes to football, real men love a bit of banter and they’re not afraid to say what they think.┬áIf you’re man enough, visit [company website] and enter the debate to settle the score.”

Really? Do I need a challenge to my masculinity from a bag of potato chips? And the way to prove it is by trying to win an argument on the internet?

Sometimes it’s really hard to be a snack-loving man with a functioning brain.

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